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Thom Trojanowski


Pilgrim (2020)

"Coming from a forest, and raised by two ecologists the natural world and its beauty was a primary source of education within the family and a constant topic of conversation. Over the last twenty years the prevalence of our planets downward spiral toward chaos and disorder presses so heavily upon us that it is now unavoidable. I truly believe to make good art it has to be honest, and a clear reflection of the makers intentions, and so it is in this notion where my work lies. Now at 33 years old I find myself again living in a forest, which I spend a majority of my day, on my hands and knees. Teaching and showing my wife the intricacies of micro ecosystems and the fauna sounding it is a joy and wonder and is as important to my practise as the making. But I can’t shake the ominous feeling that the natural world as we know it could all be lost. 

My work focuses on the death of nature, its fragility, mans connectivity with it and then an intertwining with my own experience of being raised as a Polish person, bought up on folk lore, in the wooded lands of middle England. New tools of symbolism are created as well as reappropriated characters from the Polish occult alphabet to carry images from the past into the present."


Selected Solo Exhibitions

Step Lightly, L21 Gallery, Mallorca (2019)

Hold My Hand While We Jump Off This Cliff, Asylum Studios, U.K. (2019)

From Sarmatia to Star, The Chopping Block Gallery, London, UK (2018)

Thom Trojanowski, TRADE Gallery, Nottingham, UK (2018)

I Couldn’t Live Here Without You, The Cut, Suffolk, UK (2018)

Canon Dill and Thom Trojanowski, Harpy Gallery, New Jersey, USA (duo show)(2018)

Lights Out In Totenham, London (2017)

Parade, Asylum Studios, UK (2017)

Selected Group Exhibitions

Potluck, Everyday Gallery, Belgium (2021-2022)

Tree and Leaf,  Hannah Barry Gallery, London (2021- 2022)

New Raw Green, Sim Smith, London (2020)

Paintings On, And, With Paper, Cob Gallery, London (2020)

Nude, Everyday Gallery, London (2019)

Run Straight Through, Torrence Museum Of Modern Art, Los Angeles (2019)

For The Many, The Chopping Block Gallery, London (2019)

Dreamin’ Wid, Keteleer Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (2018)

The Annotated Reader, The Cork Street Galleries, London, UK (2018)

Depict The Mask, CGK, Copenhagen, DK (2018)

Barrier, ALSO Gallery, Los Angeles, USA (2018)



Time At Hogchester Arts

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