Simon Linington 


Souvenir (2020)

Simon Linington is an artist living and working in England, Spain and Mexico City. He has a BA(Hons) in Sculpture from Chelsea University of the Arts, London. In 2010 he was awarded the Emerging Artists Bursary Award by the Royal Society of Sculptors.


“Every child on the Isle of Wight has filled a glass tube or bottle with coloured sands from the cliff at Alum Bay. It is one of the first school trips I can remember, and an early memory we all share.


These souvenirs were introduced at about the same time people began making postcards illustrating places on the Island, using the same coloured sands. The Victorians weren’t the first to make images with sand, the Tibetans had been doing it for thousands of years, but no one had kept and sold them before. My early encounters with these objects made a lasting impression, and ever since, material and place have been inseparable.


The fact my grandfather was a photographer whose images were printed on the many postcards sold in local gift shops, had very little to do with this idea at the time, but as the years have passed, I think it is inevitable I should have an instinct to express and document my relationship with my environment."


Selected Solo Exhibitions

LA LA LAND, William Benington Gallery, London, UK (2019)
In From The Light, Castor, London, UK (2018)

Everything is medicine, Lily Brooke, London (2017)
Everything can be Broken, Division of labour,London (2017)
Now Showing . . . , Manchester Contemporary (2015)

Dirty Matters, Galleria Emma Thomas, Sao Paulo(2015)

Selected Group Exhibitions

On the Other Hand, Canary Wharf Estate, London, UK (2021)
From Cellar to Garret, South Parade, London (2021)

Salon Acme 8, Mexico City (2020)

Under the Volcano, Brooke Benington Residencies, Mexico City (2020)

Habitual, Castor, London, UK (2020)

Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, William Bennington Projects (2017)

Art Rotterdam with Division of Labour (2017)


Bajo La Sierra  Larga (2020)

Time At Hogchester Arts

Summary to follow residency