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Ross Taylor

Portrait 2 - Ross Taylor.jpg
Night cheese, 2021-22, oil paint on linen, 180 x 120 cm.jpg

Night cheese, 2021-22, oil paint on linen, 180 x 120

Woolwich E-N-E-R-G-Y group, 2021-22, oil paint on linen, 180 x 120

"My work is concerned with an emergent space; a swilling and churning dual sphere of production and consumption where all that enters is incessantly gnawed, singed and regurgitated. The restless stomach-cave will rage, and correspondingly pacify, wherein each stain, drip, blob, and smear, will appear to congeal, much like grammar. And, through the contemplation of this surface, each idea, word or moment running through my head has space to intensify, making it conceivable to take control of chaotic ideas, order the subconscious and attempt to model thoughts that are somewhat impossible. 


Through painting, performance and making books, I set the works I make amongst the hypnagogic dark and dank terrior that represents the ambiguity of the creative process. A topsoil, fizzy with habits and indecision, where practice and method become redundant and, in their place, the monstrous and all that is unidentifiable seep. Bad habits, good habits, objects made from boredom, from damage and internal mutterings. The kinds of actions and behaviours that belong to the margins of your day, where you pick and scratch, wait and stare, allowing your attention to be removed from the matter at hand. A place in which in-built fictions can intermingle, morph, and collide, and maintain the hallucinations, patterns and images that unlock the biological happenings and evolutionary knowledge that the artistic journey encapsulates - where a work might ‘happen’."


Selected Solo Exhibitions

The rumbling tum, Galerie Russi Klenner, Berlin (2022)

Shoulder pipe forgiveness claw, Larsen Warner, Stockholm (2021)

The decorator always gets paid least, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest  (2020)

A spicy migraine grease, Christian Larsen Gallery, Stockholm (2018)

Teeth where fingernails should be, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest (2017)

Selected Group Exhibitions

By the skin of our teeth {w. Jesse Pollock}, Brooke Benington, London (2022)

Cubitt 30, Victoria Miro Gallery, London (2022)

Superbloom: Olivia Bax, Emma Cousin & Ross Taylor, Brooke Bennington, Milan (2021)

Rattus Rattus, Galerie Russi Klenner, Berlin (2020)

Simona Runcan & Ross Taylor, Independent, New York, (2020)

The studio at 4am, Hastings Contemporary, East Sussex (2020)

Feeling BLOB, for ALW on (2019)

Reading as Rhythm, Tate Liverpool (2018)


Artist-in-Residence, Edward James Foundation, West Sussex (2018)

Abbey Scholar in Painting, The British School at Rome (2015-16)

Residence-in-Natur, Smaland, Sweden, supported by Iapsis (2014-16)

Windows Commission, CSM, UAL, supported by Arts Council England (2014)


Selected Collections

The Peters-Messer collection, Bremem

Sammlung Haus N, Athens

Handelsbanken, Stockholm

The Edward James Foundation, West Sussex

The British School at Rome

The Royal College of Art collection, London

Chelsea Arts Club, London

The Highest room in celestial gardens, 2021-22, oil paint on linen, 180 x 150 cm

Time At Hogchester Arts

Residency period - 2023

Summary to follow residency



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