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Pablo de Laborde Lascaris


Stride, 2011, 35.6 x 35.6 x 6.6cm, Mixed Media


Flama Reclinada II, 2017, 12cm x 54cm x 20cm, Bronze


Pablo de Laborde Lascaris is a Mexican Sculptor based between the United Kingdom and Mexico City.

Pablo’s work challenges the functionality of day-to-day objects through the orchestration of specific dialogues between entities. He creates artifacts that either suggest a reinterpreted use, or objects that are made obsolete by the alteration of their shape, scale or material.  His deliberate act of depriving an item of its actual purpose questions the traditional qualities of sculpture by destabilising them within their historical contexts. 

Pablo holds a BA in Sociology and Anthropology (Montreal, Quebec, CA) and a First Class BA (Hons) in Fine art (University College Falmouth, UK).  

He was the winner of the International Emerging Artist Award (2013), the recipient of Royal Society of Sculptors Bursary Awards (2012), and was a finalist in Sculpture Shock, Royal British Society of Sculptors (2014). 

Recent residencies have included; Cananea Residency, Sonora, Mexico (2017); Bavaria Residency, Germany (2016); & Artist-in-Residence at Christ's Hospital school, Horsham, UK (2011-13). 

Selected Solo Exhibitions 

"A Blip, ASC Gallery, London, UK (2016)

Pitch, Galerie Gourvennec Ogor, Marseille, FR (2013)

Tide, Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, UK (2012)

Back and Forth, Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, UK (2011)


Selected Performances 

The Artist and the Bricklayer, Pangaea Sculptors’ Center, Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, London, UK (2015)

Les disciples d'Actéon, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris, FR (2014)

Selected Group Exhibitions

Synergia, Galeria de Arte Mexicano, Mexico City, MX (2018)

‘01’, Etching Project, Galeria Espirituosa, Mexico City, MX (2018)

Fibra, Fieldworks Gallery, London, UK (2018)

Skinscapes, Unit 1 Gallery, London, UK (2017)

Since 1984, Christ’s Hospital, West Sussex, UK (2015)

Happy Hours, Galerie Gourvennec Ogor, Marseille, FR (2014)

International Emerging Artist Award, FN Designs Gallery, Dubai, AE; VP Gallery, Singapore, MY; Empire Gallery, Istanbul, TR (2013)

Super Scale, Arbeit Gallery, Islington, London, UK (2012)

Bursary Award, Royal British Society of Sculptors, South Kensington, London, UK (2012)

Carretilla, '2017,' 15 x 32 x  8cm, Bronze

Time At Hogchester Arts

Residency period - June 2019



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