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Oliver McConnie

Oliver McConnie’s work explores the contemporary subversive potential of printing-making, which is traditionally associated with satire and political commentary. As such, his prints employ the grotesque, historical symbolism, and modern social mores to form a critique of the contemporary political environment.  Etchings, in their scale and intensity, create a strong sense of looking into something, a cave, another world; this fits with the origin of the term grotesque which is ‘looking into the grotto’. Drawing on this quality and without employing reductive irony McConnie wishes to produce parodic prophecies which explore subjects including environmental destruction and class hierarchies.


Oliver McConnie studied at Canterbury (BA fine art), Camberwell (MA printmaking) and the Royal Drawing School (post graduate degree drawing), and was an artist in residence at the Sarabande Foundation in London. Oliver has exhibited works in the Bloomberg New Contemporaries, MOSTYN Open, Royal Academy of Arts and Somerset House.


Selected Exhibitions

Book of DreamsChapel on the Green, Wales (2019)

Bury The Hatchet (solo), Sarabande Foundation, London (2018)
Furta Sacra,  Bratislava Gallery, Slovakia  (2018)

Birds that eat Purple Flowers,  Chapel on the Green, Wales

MOSTYN Open, Mostyn Gallery, Wales (2017)

Mummers and Demons (solo), The Chopping Block Gallery, London (2016)

Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Backlit, Nottingham/ICA, London (2015)

The Future Can Wait, Art Bermondsey Project Space, London (2015)

NOA Exhibition, Somerset House, London (2014)

Verso, The Tea Building, London (2014)

Creekside Open, APT GAllery, London (2013)

RA Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2013)

Barbican Arts Trust Open, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2010)

Pandora's Box, Painted etching,  20 x15cm,  2018


Tribulations, Hand Coloured Etching (ed.30), 18 x 21cm, 2014

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Time At Hogchester Arts

My residency at Hogchester was a nice break from city living, the change of environment and abundance of nature was refreshing, especially after the long winter lockdown. Prior to the residency I had taken a break from making work, so the residency was good place to get back into a rhythm of making work again. I finished a project that had been commissioned which will hopefully launch next year. I also working on sketch book studies for a new set of line etchings, which I’m currently drawing out on to the plates. I enjoyed sharing a studio with Chantal and discussing ideas and approaches to making. 



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