Jane Millar

Jane's wall-based ceramic sculptures and installations start with the idea of energy within the unseen interior of a ceramic object, and its actions on a form and surface. The work alludes to a territory between natural and unnatural, between plant, body and earth.


A recent work for the exhibition 'Space Shift', Grip used the space at APT Gallery, Creekside, to create an installation of ceramic foot or hand 'holds' which were installed to the interior height of the gallery, presenting approximations and allusions to natural forms, with the seduction and longing, materiality and fragility of ceramics.

Millar's current work also engages with ideas of resemblances, repetition and memory. Her time as a museum educator and researcher resulted in a fascination with pedagogical structures. The work titled Orrery acts as an evolving imagining of a cosmos, both in her studio and exhibitions. Teaching Case, inspired by the post-war Werkbund cases, imagines a future crisis of unrecovered human and water memory. Foucault's tantalising discussion of emulata; a chain of mirroring forms, between earth, plants and sky; humans and animals, also lies behind her approach to an ongoing experimental series of wall-based flat ceramic plant-type forms, terrains and surfaces.

Jane has studied at Canterbury College of Art (BA fine Art), the Royal College of Art (MA in painting), and UCL IoE (MA in Education in Museums and Galleries). 

Selected Exhibitions

New Doggerland2 (curated by Jane Millar and Stephen Nelson), Thameside Gallery, Woolwich, February (2020)

Site-specific exhibition at South London Botanical Institute (2020)

Creekside Open, APT Gallery, Deptford, London (2019)

New Doggerland, Lumen Gallery, London (2019)

40 Celsius - ASC OpenGrafton Quarter Exhibition space, Croydon (2018)

Space Shift, APT Gallery, Deptford (2018)

Ghost Tide, Thameside gallery, Woolwich. (2018)

Votive, Southwark Cathedral, for the Thames Festival, with the Associated Clay WorkersUnion (2018)

More in Common, APT Gallery, Deptford (2018)

The ING Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London (2017)

Creekside Open, APT Gallery,  Deptford, London (2017)


Planet 7, Black stoneware with porcelain inlay and recyled brick addition to clay body

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Dark Thought, Glazed stoneware, 15 x 17 x 5 cm (2017) 

Teaching Case 2019 Ceramic, foam, wood and textiles. Each case 40w x 32h x 9d cm. Installation for New Doggerland, Lumen Crypt Gallery, May 2019.

Time At Hogchester Arts

Residency period - November 2020

Summary to follow residency period- - POSTPONED DUE TO COVID