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Dean Melbourne


Dean Melbourne makes work that connects with the Jungian notion of the collective unconscious and the shadow self. Using the familiar visual language of myth, folk tale and landscape, he draws from his own subconscious to understand both himself and to remind the viewer that there is more to them than their civilized presentation. Incantations and conjuring entice the viewer to surrender their rational and analytical consciousness for something of their archaic selves.

“We all know those “vegetal and animal forms” and have always known them. …….. for they stalked our dreams and were glimpsed in our bedtime stories and nursery rhymes.”  -

James Hollis. The Archetypal Imagination

Dean Melbourne has exhibited across the UK and in international art fairs in London, Hong Kong, Miami and New York.  He has shown work in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition on three occasions and was selected as one of Black Country’s “100 Masters”.

He is currently working on NightShaking, a collaborative project with artist Chantal Powell, that will debut at the Ingram collection in 2021

Dean also works as an artist advisor and mentor.

Selected Exhibitions

NightShaking with the Ingram Collection, Woking (2021)

All Hallows Eve, Art Space, Portsmouth (2019)

The Dark Woods, Transition Gallery, London (2017)

London Art Fair,  with Arusha Gallery, London (2017)

This Myth (solo),  Gallery 8 (Coates & Scarry), London (2016)

Context Miami with Coates and Scarry, Miami (2015)
Garland,  (solo) Gallery 8 (Coates & Scarry), London  (2014)

RA Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2014)

Unnatural, Natural History, Royal West Academy, Bristol (2012)

The Power of Drawing (solo), Bryan Priest Newman Architects, BIrmingham (2012)

RA Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2010)

RA Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2009)


Untitled, acrylic on paper, 2020

The Wisp, oil on canvas, 2016

Untitled Study (Dark Nature), Pen on paper, 2013

Time At Hogchester Arts

Residency period - January 2020

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