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Dale Adcock

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Lumbar (2018), Oil on Linen  124x93cm.


Dale Adcock lives and works in London. He holds a BA in Fine  Art from Wimbledon School and an MA from Chelsea college of Art and Design.


‘All my work emerges through my imagination, from the

quicksilver flashes to the slow, stately disappearances.

I express what I can capture in this moody, mutable landscape"


Selected Exhibitions & Projects

THE HOLY GRAIL, OHSH Projects, London,UK (2021)

10 YEARS, Charlie Smith Gallery, London, UK (2019)

IN THE BELLY OF THE WHALE (Curated by Henry Hussey), Transition Gallery, London, UK (2019)

PAPERCUTS, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK (2018)

WORKS ON PAPER, Beers London, UK (2016)


THE FUTURE CAN WAIT. Victoria House, London, UK (2014)

100 PAINTERS OF TOMORROW, Kurt Beers, Publisher, Thames and Hudson Ltd. (2014)

100 LONDON ARTIST. “Volume 1; 50 Painters”, Zavier Ellis & Edward Lucie-Smith. Publisher, Elizabeth Beecher Publishing. (2014)

PERFECTIONISM. Griffin Gallery, London, UK (2014)
RATIO. TJ Boulting, London, UK (2013)
THE FINE LINE, Identity Gallery, Hong Kong, China (2013)

ALTER. Vegas Gallery, London, UK (2012)
THE FUTURE CAN WAIT. Victoria House, London, UK (2012)
THE PERFECT NUDE. Charlie Smith Gallery, London, UK (2012)
POLEMICALLY SMALL. Orleans House, London, UK (2012)
HOUSE OF THE NOBLEMAN (RE-HANG). Boswall House, London, UK

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Time At Hogchester Arts

Summary to follow residency



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