Claire Baily

Sitting somewhere between sculpture and painting Claire's  recent work uses ideas of mark marking, mapping and process to explore the history of communication & the history of place.  Engaging in a sculptural practice that is often made up of carefully crafted components she embraces both historical and technological making processes to produce objects that show a clear interest in time, form, material and method. 


Using purposefully abstract language Claire often use a certain set of materials and visual motifs in a singular piece of work; acting as a coded framework or index in which to operate.  Alluding simultaneously to the familiar and the unidentifiable from the world around us you are likely to find imagery from a metalworking manual, material dug from a land of Pictish history & forms inspired by architecture & design. Using sculpture, form and material gesture as a way in which to process information she  asks questions about the past, present and future.

Claire studied at Goldsmiths college in London and has exhibited throughout the UK and also in Japan, France and Germany. 


Selected Exhibitions

Forthcoming solo, High Gallery, Warsaw, Poland (2020)

Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, William Bennington Gallery, Buckinghamshire (2019)

Reconsider Walls, High Gallery, Warsaw, Poland (2019)

Skeleton Key (solo), Castor Projects, London (2018)

Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, William Bennington Gallery, Buckinghamshire (2018)

Manchester Contemporary, Castor Projects, Manchester (2017)

Affix, Ian Jackson & Claire Baily, Losers Gym, Nottingham (2017)

Dream On, Castor Projects, London (2016)

Adjustments to the Dark,  Galerie IFF, France (2015) 

Graver,  Valchromat, brass 127.5 x 91 x 2.5 cm, 2018

Skeleton Key, Installation view, Castor Projects , 2018 

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claire baily.jpg
claire baily.jpg

Acey Deucey,  Plaster, Brass 10 x 118 x 60 cm, 2018

Time At Hogchester Arts

Residency period - summer 2020

Summary to follow residency period- POSTPONED DUE TO COVID