Ana Milenkovic

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Jimmie (2021), Oil on canvas, 115x183cm


Ana Milenkovic lives and works in London. She holds an MFA from Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts London, as well as MFA and BA from Faculty of Fine Art, University of Arts in Belgrade. 


“Transience is the driving force of my practice. I make artwork about heroism and the need to overcome fragility of the body. I am particularly interested in Ernest Becker’s concept of a “heroic project” - an immortality mission in which one becomes “unburdened of the flesh” and continues to create meaning beyond one’s own lifetime.”


Milenkovic is the recipient of UAL/Clifford Chance Sculpture Award, Griffin Art Prize and Prize for Innovation from the Milos Bajic Fund. She is a studio artist at Studio Voltaire, London.


Selected Solo & Two-Person Exhibitions

Three Works, Scarborough (2020)

Rosshalde, Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana (2019)

The Difficult Path, School Gallery, London (2019)

The Gods Must Be Crazy, Novembar Gallery, Belgrade (2018)

Solo, Aqbar Space, London (2018)

Selected Paintings, Payne/Shurvell, London (2016) 

UAL Sculpture Award, Clifford Chance LLP, London (2015)


Selected Group Exhibitions

The Holy Grail, OHSH Projects, London (2021)

Intertwined Histories, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London (2019) 

A Room of One's Own, The Koppel Project Central, London (2019) 

Night Realms, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh (2018)

Innocence, Super Dutchess, New York (2018)

Griffin Art Prize (winner), Griffin Art Gallery, London (2017)

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Time At Hogchester Arts

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