Alice Wilson

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Installation view at Goat Moth, Godsbaden, Denmark, 2018

Alice Wilson works with construction timber, plaster, photography and paint, as well as often improvising with materials to realise ideas. Landscape is used in Wilson’s practice as a medium through which to discuss concerns with experience, access and expectation.


The work’s interrogation of how we negotiate landscape functions as an allegory of our relationship to educational, political and social structures.

A recurring method in Wilson’s practice are the Barrier System Paintings which in some ways are formalisations of the by products of the sculpting process, developed with material left over from large scale sculptures; colour tests, off-cuts and imagery. Wilson has pulled these pieces back together into (for her) the most tangible and formal art object -the painting.

From functional objects to towering abstract constructions, Wilson moves between concept driven ideas to developing opportunities to make responsively to a site and situation. Her work attempts to acknowledge it’s situation and surroundings through form and sometimes also function.

Alice received her MA in Fine Art from Wimbledon College of art (2011). 


Selected Solo Exhibitions

Island, JGM Gallery, London (2019)

Gated Community, Glass Cloud Gallery, London (2019)

Goat Moth, Godsbaden, Denmark (2018)

Alice Wilson, DOLPH, London (2017)

Cheap Laughs, The Pump House Gallery, London (2017)

Selected Group Exhibitions

Backyard Sculpture, Domobaal, London (2019)

Immaculate Dream, Collyer Bristow Gallery, (2019)

Harder Edge, Saatchi Gallery, London (2019)

Painting and Other Bad Habits, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Denmark (2018) 

Shortlisted John Moores Painting Prize (2018)

Do Re Me So Fa La Te, The Griffin Gallery, London (2018)

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Stakit,  Plaster, oxide, softwood, spraying and jesmonite dye.  2019

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The Support, Plaster, wood, paint, 2019

Time At Hogchester Arts

Residency period - November 2020 - POSTPONED DUE TO COVID

Summary to follow residency period