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Alice Browne

Alice Browne 2023 WITH [tentacular] acrylic on canvas 215cm x 173cm low res.jpg

WITH [tentacular] (2023), acrylic on canvas 215cm x 173cm

Flatland, Alice Brown nov. '19. 26.jpg

Alice Browne’s practice uses the flattened space of the canvas, paper or wall to explore frictions between the realms of the real and imagined. In her paintings, which she describes as a kind of ‘sci-fi still life’, objects and forms wrestle with forces of gravity, both real and imitated.


Using symbolic reference, she explores ritualistic thoughts and actions that incorporate hope, luck, wishing and promise which exist in a sticky place where imagination can blur with fact. Her subjects often touch on everyday themes of self-improvement, duality (eg. of above and below, hope and despair, rising and falling) and the use of natural materials for human advancement. The freedom and flexibility of paint allows for the incorporation of a breadth of ideas and influences taken from history, nature and popular culture. The martyrdom of St Sebastian, the removal of Edward Colston’s statue following BLM protests, Ghostbusters 2, the Hertford Union Canal and Roman settlement Vindolanda in Northumberland are some of the sources referenced in recent works.


Working in a way that starts with a challenge of scale or colour rather than plan or design, allows Browne to incorporate experiences and ideas in real time into the works. Ideas develop with each layer of paint, resulting in a rich visual experience which takes time to explore.

Alice Browne  received her MA from Royal College of Art, London (2016) and her BA from Wimbledon College of Art, London (2009). She received the New Contemporaries Studio Bursary Award with Hospitalfield, Angus in 2017 and the Land Securities Bursary and Studio Award with Bow Arts in 2016. She is a mentor at Turps Art School (2018-present) and has been a visiting lecturer at a number of UK institutions including Winchester School of Art (2019), Camberwell College of Art (2016) and Glasgow School of Art (2015).


Selected Solo Exhibitions

Second Star to the Right, Galerie Liusa Wang, Paris (2022)

Camouflage, Flatland Gallery, Amsterdam (2019), 

FOUND, Tintype Gallery, London (2019)

Forecast, Limoncello Gallery, London (2016) 

struc////, OUTPOST, Norwich (2015)

Installation of Camouflage, Flatland Gallery (2019)

Installation of Camouflage, Flatlands Gallery (2019)

Installation of Camouflage, Flatlands Gallery (2019)

Time At Hogchester Arts

Residency period - 2023

Summary to follow residency



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